Summer Vacation Ideas for Stress Relief

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The last thing you want to deal with on vacation is stress. But, alas, stress is a fact of life — and anything that involves airline delays, long stints in the car, or preparing to be away from work for more than a couple of days is bound to threaten your relaxation.

But there are things you can do to promote stress relief on your vacation this summer. Here are four of our favorites.

1. Stay Offline

Whether you’re tempted to do a little work, check your social media accounts, or check in with your friends and family back home, connectivity can be a valuable tool. But it can quickly become your full focus and keep you from enjoying your destination.

2. Find a Way to Chill

The best reason to take a vacation in the first place is to take a break from the status quo and enjoy some stress relief. Don’t get so caught up in your summer vacation itinerary that you forget to relax. Enjoy leaving your agenda, your to-do list, and your regular routine behind for a few days!

3. …but Don’t Forget Activity, Too

On the other hand, becoming a complete couch potato for the duration of your vacay isn’t a great idea either. A bit — or even a lot — of physical activity can help you feel energized, eliminate stress, and even appreciate the downtime a little more.

4. Get Some Shut-eye

As with just about anything, vacation is better with great sleep. In addition to promoting good physical health, sleep helps provide stress relief, decrease anxiety, and increase joy. Especially if you’re chronically under-rested, summer vacation can be a wonderful opportunity to catch up and reset your sleep routine.

Still worried about stress this summer and think that it might cause (or worsen) your bruxism? Bruxism can damage your teeth, create jaw and neck pain, lead to headaches, add to your stress, and spoil your sleep. Don’t let that happen to you!

To prevent nighttime teeth grinding, look for SleepRight’s dental guards at your local Walgreens, Walmart, or CVS. They can keep your jaw relaxed, protect your teeth, and help you get the sleep you deserve this summer.

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