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Bruxism Is a Real Grind

Did you sleep all night through, like a baby? Or, did you toss and turn and wake up with a sore jaw and a headache? If you experience the latter on a regular basis, you may be suffering from bruxism, or teeth grinding. It typically involves moving or clenching the incisors and canines laterally against [...]

Do Dental Guards Work?

If you have any type of health need in today’s world, the first place you’re likely to go for help is the Internet — which, as we all know, can be a blessing and a curse. Having so much information at your fingertips can quickly lead to overwhelm and confusion. How do you know what […]

Better Sleep and Savings with SleepRight Now on Ibotta

In today’s fast-paced world, ensuring a good night’s sleep is crucial for maintaining optimal health and well-being. One essential factor in achieving quality sleep is a well-fitted dental guard, like the SleepRight Dental Guard. What’s even more exciting is that SleepRight Dental Guards are now available on the Ibotta app, giving you the chance to […]

Elevate Your Sleep Game with SleepRight Dental Guards, Now on Shopkick and Fetch Rewards!

Are you tired of waking up to a sore jaw and teeth that feel like they’ve been in a wrestling match all night long? Say goodbye to those uncomfortable mornings, because the ultimate solution to your nighttime grinding and clenching has just become even more accessible! We’re excited to announce that SleepRight Dental Guards are […]

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