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We know how hard it is to find good quality real people tweeting these days about health and wellness.  The SleepRight® team has been filtering through the Twittersphere seeking good quality people engaging with their followers. We hope this Follow Friday Spotlight helps you find the right people to support your exercise, nutrition, health and happiness information needs.

Definitely follow John J. Nosta @JohnNosta he tweets about health and wellness, but he also has a blog where he shares his fascination about the brain.  He’s a great writer and his articles leave you inspired.


Always a great resources for lifestyle and health information is Dr. Mercola @mercola


At SleepRight® we all love @DrOz! He is the best resource around to learn everything about health and disease. He is stocked full with information. While he doesn’t follow people back and is obviously not engaged with his followers, we still love all the information he shares.


Thank you for Following @Sleep_Right

We would like to thank Ben Teal @benjamteal for following our bright and shiny new Twitter account! Ben is inspirational, because he lost a ton of weight; 97 lbs. in 6 months. Who doesn’t love a success story with before and after photos to prove it! Make sure to check out his website. While Ben isn’t short any Twitter followers, the best thing is he is engaging with his followers regularly and that makes him special in our eyes.


We have changed our Twitter name from @_SleepRight_ to @Sleep_Right for obvious reasons.  So make sure to follow our new account @Sleep_Right.  We are working on updating our new account, so know some great changes are coming soon!

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