SleepRight Ultra-Comfort

  Slim, comfortable night guard for nighttime teeth grinding protection

READY TO WEAR!  Right out of the box

 Durable! Lasts 4x LONGER than leading competitor, backed by a 1 year warranty

4 Way Adjustable bite pads = FITTING GUARANTEE


Fitting Features


Reviews from Real People

“When I was told that I needed to get a bite guard for sleeping by my dentist, I was disappointed and thought I would get stuck with something bulky. But not with this!! It is surprisingly slim and helps with my teeth clenching. I can feel the difference with my bite which I wasn’t expecting! It is light and is the smallest thing I could find that fits my mouth well and does the job. It did take a few days to adjust sleeping with it but that was to be expected. Really happy I found this!” – Emily C.

“Works better than the $300+ guard that my dentist offered to make for me. Aside from the fact that I had to order another one, because my dogs thought it was a new toy for them, this is a great night guard. I’ve tried out several to protect my teeth from grinding at night. While this won’t stop me from grinding, it saves/protects me teeth. Slim fit is the way to go.” – Becky M.

“This was the nightguard recommended by my dentist. I love it because it is so comfortable and was easy to fit to my teeth. Quality appears it will last a long time. It is the perfect nightguard for me. I’m glad I tried it.” – Susan K.

“My wife uses this nightly and has already bought two. Prevents her headaches most days after getting one daily.” – Phillis C.

“This has worked very well for me as a less expensive approach to dental guards. I was grinding my teeth down and getting headaches. This is my 2nd purchase..” – Joanne C.

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