Teeth Grinding: Why You Don’t Know You’re Grinding

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by: Anne Haynes

Teeth Grinding

Grinding Teeth? You Might Not Know


While the cause of teeth grinding are not 100% known, many believe abnormal bite, sleep disorders and stress play a key part. The majority of teeth grinders grind at night time making this an issue relatively unnoticed by individuals. Symptoms of teeth grinding are; pain in the face, jaw and/or neck area pain, teeth become sensitive to hot and cold temperatures, dull but lingering head ache.

When you are stressed out, take a conscious notice of your mouth behavior. Teeth grinding is common during rush hour traffic and when people are running late, so during these times, take notice of your teeth. Are your bottom teeth touching your top teeth? The average person spends only 17.5 minutes a day with their teeth together. This includes all meals and snacks throughout the day.

People realize they are grinding their teeth when they prevent a friend or love one from getting a good nights rest. When you hear teeth grinding you will know it. Here is a video published on Youtube which gives you a good idea of what teeth grinding sounds like.

It is possible to stop grinding your teeth with Awareness, Accountability and Behavior Modification. Here are some tips to stop teeth grinding:

  •  Start writing down how you feel in the mornings after sleeping. Do you have mouth or neck pain?
  • When you are stressed out, be aware of your mouth and teeth. Keep saying to yourself, Lips Together Teeth Apart (LTTA).
  • Insert stress reducing practices; exercise, yoga, massage therapy, aromatherapy.
  • At night, since you are asleep and not aware of your teeth grinding behavior, purchase a dental guard. SleepRight manufactures a NO BOIL ready to use teeth grinding dental guard to protect your teeth when sleeping. Here is a coupon for our SleepRight Dental Guard. You can purchase our dental guards at your local retail drug store.

If teeth grinders continue to grind their teeth it will cost thousands of dollars to repair and rebuild your teeth.

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