Teeth Grinding/ Bruxism – reports from the Mayo Clinic

 In Awareness

According to the Mayo Clinic.com another term for bruxism is gnashing. Bruxism can happen subconsciously and is different from clenching and grinding. “Sleep Bruxism” occurs more often in children while adults tend to grind both day and night. This condition may not require treatment for some but for some it can lead to headaches, jaw disorders, damage to the teeth, etc. The problem is that most people are unaware they have Bruxism until complications occur.

The following are symptoms of Bruxism:
– clenching or grinding; could be loud enough to hear
– wearing of tooth enamel, sensitivity, or exposure of the inside of the tooth
– jaw pain, headaches, chronic facial pain or earaches
– chewing on the inside of the cheeks
Source: http://www.mayclinic.com/health/bruxism/DS00337

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