Splintek, Inc. Introduces HearRight Volume Control Ear Plugs

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Kansas City, MO – Every sound or noise has a decibel (dB) level and being exposed to decibel levels over 85 dB can cause permanent hearing damage over time. The average person is regularly exposed to unsafe sound levels above 85 decibels, such as: lawn mowers, concerts, motorcycles, power tools and machinery. Without taking the time to consistently wear the proper ear protection, this behavior could result in permanent hearing damage and hearing loss.

Splintek, Inc., the makers of the SleepRight product line, decided to take innovation one step further and created the new, revolutionary HearRight Volume Control Ear Plugs.

HearRight Volume Control Ear Plugs have several features that set them apart from ordinary ear plugs:
• Volume control knobs for adjustable attenuation, slowing air pressure changes to the ear during air travel, giving the ear drum more time      to acclimate
• Washable and reusable more than 100 times
• Patented, ultra soft GelFoam provides soft, comfortable fit
• Waterproof
• Highest noise reduction rating (NRR 27) among air-pressure reducing ear plugs
• Available in large and small/youth sizes
HearRight Volume Control Ear Plugs are uniquely designed with easy to use, volume control knobs that open and close the pneumatic chamber to regulate the level of sound protection (controlled attenuation). This patented design also slows the rate at which the air pressure changes and causes inner ear discomfort as the plane ascends and descends during take-off and landing.

During take-off, when the airplane is climbing approximately 2,500 feet per minute toward the cruising altitude of 30,000 feet, passengers’ ear drums will be subjected to an 8,000 feet barometric cabin pressure change within 12 minutes, which for some creates discomfort. HearRight ear plugs extend this cabin pressure acclamation period, giving the ear drum almost double the time to acclimate to the changing cabin pressure.
The patented, ultra soft GelFoam provides a comfortable fit and the highest noise reduction rating (NRR 27) among air-pressure reducing ear plugs. A NRR (Noise Reduction Rating) of 27dB means, when worn correctly, HearRight Volume Control Ear Plugs will lower the decibel level of a noise. For example, a chainsaw, which is 100dB, will be reduced to a safer noise level of 73dB.

Other ear plugs provide hearing protection but must be removed to hear conversations or important safety signals. Repeated removal and reinsertion can negatively impact the effectiveness of the ear plugs and allow for an accumulation of dirt and bacteria. HearRight Volume Control Ear Plugs eliminate this process. Insert into ears once and adjust volume as needed with the volume control knob. Once finished, remove and wash with cool water and mild soap, and store in the provided case. The ear plugs can be washed and reused more than 100 times, adding value over disposable ear plugs that are only worn once or twice. HearRight Volume Control Ear Plugs are hypoallergenic, silicone and latex-free.

Splintek, Inc., based in Kansas City, Missouri USA, has been designing health and comfort products since 1996. Splintek owns and operates the SleepRight and HearRight product lines including: SleepRight Intra-Nasal Vapor Inhaler, SleepRight Sleep Inhaler, SleepRight Nasal Breathe Aid, SleepRight SPORT Breathe Aid, SleepRight NO-BOIL Dental Guard, SleepRight Tongue Cleaner, and SleepRight Side Sleeping Pillow. All products are manufactured in the USA. For more information, call 888.792.0865 or visit www.sleepright.com.Copyright 2016 Splintek, Inc. SleepRight, HearRight, NO-BOIL, and GelFoam are trademarks of Splintek, Inc.


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