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Bruxism (or nighttime teeth grinding) is a common condition that can wreak havoc on your oral health. Often triggered by stress and exacerbated by diets high in sugar, caffeine, or alcohol, bruxism can cause serious damage to your teeth (or even lead to lost teeth), create jaw or muscle pain (including temporomandibular joint disorder, also known as TMJ or TMD), and cause or exacerbate headaches and disordered sleeping.

It’s nothing to mess around with. But there are solutions available!

If you think you might be suffering from bruxism, you could benefit from a dental guard. But with so many options available, how do you choose an affordable dental guard that comfortably protects your teeth?

The SleepRight ProRx Custom Dental Guard is a great option for stopping the effects of bruxism — without breaking your budget. Here are the top three things the ProRx gets right as an affordable dental guard option.

Less mess

If you think of over-the-counter dental guards, you may picture something that requires boiling water to get a custom fit. Using your stovetop, risking burn injuries, and the smell of overheated plastic can be enough to make anyone feel squeamish about over-the-counter, custom-fit dental guards.

But SleepRight’s low-temp, fast-form material softens at just 140° F. You don’t need to boil water to a scorching 212° to get a custom molded fit. The thermoplastic material of the SleepRight ProRx Custom Dental Guard provides a secure and comfortable fit and fitting experience.

Great fit

The SleepRight ProRx is designed to give every wearer a great fit from the very beginning. With molar guides, a front center stop, and a front center notch, the ProRx helps guide you to the perfect fit without having to guess where to position the dental guard or having to keep starting over to get it right.

This affordable dental guard provides a moldable, ultra-thin fit that can comfortably prevent your teeth from clenching or grinding all night long.


The effects of bruxism can be long-lasting and expensive but preventing them doesn’t have to be. SleepRight’s custom dental guards can protect your teeth from chipped enamel or other damage, help prevent jaw pain and muscle soreness, and keep headaches at bay.

SleepRight guarantees its dental guards are durable and made to last. Their affordable dental guard uses a durable core that makes it last longer than its competitors. But if you grind or clench through your ProRx Custom Dental Guard within one year of purchase, you can get a replacement dental guard for free.

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