SleepRight ProRx

  The Most Innovative Dental Guard Ever Created

  ULTRA THIN design provides superior comfort for a great night’s rest 

 Lasts 10x LONGER than leading competitor, backed by a 2 year warranty

  Forms fast at low temperature.  NO BOILING WATER required

  Molar Guides + Centering Arrow = FITTING GUARANTEE 

Fitting Features


Reviews from Actual Customers

“I have tried several different dental guards. This is the first product that actually helped and was comfortable. The guard stays on all night and allows me to drink, talk and move my jaw without taking it out. The fitting was really easy and I LOVE that I didn’t have to mold it with scalding water. At my next visit, my dentist told me he could tell I wasn’t grinding anymore and asked me what I changed. I’d recommend this to anyone with grinding issues!” – Andrew R.

“I have tried so many over the counter dental guards, and this one is by far the best. Fitting it is so easy and fast, and it’s actually comfortable! It’s not huge in my mouth like some others I’ve tried. It’s perfect. I consider myself to be a pretty severe teeth grinder, and this one holds up. Thank you!!!” – Charlie M.

“This was the nightguard recommended by my dentist. I love it because it is so comfortable and was easy to fit to my teeth. Quality appears it will last a long time. It is the perfect nightguard for me. I’m glad I tried it.” – Susan K.

“Works & fits better than expected” – Gloria O.

“This is a great and durable product. It has really improved my quality of life.” – Brandi R.

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