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Now you can experience better breathing while enjoying the benefits of a soothing lavender scent to help relax you into a more restful night’s sleep. Breakthrough breathe aid technology opens your nose up to 58% more to increase airway volume, while crystals deliver sustained-release lavender.

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Lavender Crystals

Our non-medicated crystals contain lavender, which studies show help you sleep deeper so you wake up refreshed. Each Sleep Inhaler is reusable for up to 10 days/nights of continuous comfort.

Natural Benefits of Lavender

Documented evidence for the use of lavender as a therapeutic agent can be traced back to the ancient Romans and Greeks. Lavender has been proven to be: antibacterial, antifungal, carminative (smooth muscle relaxing), sedative, and anti-depressive.

Numerous studies have been done to show the positive benefits of using lavender to aid in a more restful night’s sleep. Lavender has been proven to ease anxiety, insomnia, and be a relaxing addition to anyone’s bedtime routine.

Studies also show that lavender helps you sleep deeper so you wake up refreshed, which aids in mental performance, memory retention, and restoring energy. The lavender crystals are drug-free, allowing the Sleep Inhaler to be used in conjunction with medications.

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