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It’s that time of year: taking stock of the past twelve months, looking forward to a fresh start, and thinking about what you want to do differently. Whether you like to commit to new year’s resolutions or just like the idea of a clean slate, it’s a great opportunity to put your best foot forward — especially when it comes to your health! If you’ve been struggling with bruxism, it’s time to stop teeth grinding.

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What to look for

If you’re not sure whether you or a loved one is bruxing, there are some common signs to look for. Nighttime teeth grinding can often be heard by your partner. It can also lead to damaged teeth — even chips or cracks — and jaw pain. You may even notice tension in your neck or headaches resulting from clenching your teeth throughout the night.

Bruxism can be a problem for both children and adults, but there are steps you can take to stop the grind in the new year.

How to stop

The causes of bruxism can vary, but there are several things you can do in the new year to help stop teeth grinding. One of the biggest contributors is stress: do what you can to decrease stress, curb anxiety, and promote relaxation — both mentally and physically — in your day-to-day.

Be sure to also pay attention to your diet; acidic, caffeinated, and alcoholic food and beverages can exacerbate the damage. Caffeine and alcohol can also increase tension in your body, making it more likely that you will clench your jaw and grind your teeth at night.

Wearing a mouthguard can also help stop the effects of bruxism. It prevents teeth grinding, reduces jaw clenching, and can help ease headaches and jaw pain.

New year, new health

There’s something to be said for flipping that calendar page over and having a whole new year ahead of you. All the possibilities! It can be easy to set goals that are lofty and then get abandoned — going to the gym every day, giving up coffee, always eating the recommended number of daily vegetable servings — but if you decide to treat your bruxism, you can improve your health both dentally and mentally with just one change.

Bruxism can cause lasting damage and add to a cycle of anxiety. Don’t let it keep creating jaw pain, headaches, cracked teeth, and restless sleep. Make this the year you stop teeth grinding!

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