SleepRight Intra-Nasal Breathe Aid

SleepRight Intra-Nasal Breathe Aid

  Gently opens your nose by 58% to instantly increase airflow 

  Flexes to fit any nasal size to relieve nasal congestion

 Reusable, eliminating the one chance to adhere problem

  Latex, BPA, and drug free

  Convenient storage case included

Compare to Sticky Nasal Strips

Nasal breathe aid compared to strips
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Easy to Fit

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Reviews from Actual Customers

“During the thick of allergy season, I use these with a breathe right strip. But, the strips hurt coming off. It took me just one night to get used to this breathe aid. As others have said, I keep it clean and doubt I will have to change it out as frequently as the box indicates. I think the estimate has to do with the tension, and as long as that lasts, it’s all good. The box comes with 3 breathe aids, and I put an extra one in my travel bag so I’ll always have it. Great product!” – Susan M.

“I used to Breathe Rights for years, but my postmenopausal skin can no longer handle those. I had begun to develop permanent wrinkles where they were attached, and even worse was the broken skin as my skin thinned out. So I tried other ways to keep my narrow passages open at night. This is the one I have settled on. It took some getting used to but now it is essential.
It keeps my nose open so I can breathe easily at night which helps me sleep better.
Give your tender nasal passages time to adjust to this invader if you find it uncomfortable at first. Take a night or two off if your nostrils need a break, then try again.” – Holly M.

“I’ve been using these for YEARS and panic if I travel and forget them. Great night sleep! I have several allergies and as I’ve gotten older (50’s) they seem to be non stop. I’m always stuffy no matter what. I’ve tried meds and just don’t like using them. I tried Breathe Right but they never stuck to my nose. I Always found them on my pillow. when they did stick I would get a rash. These take a little getting used to…you may have a sore nose because it not used to be expanded from the inside. But I guarantee you can breathe all night and get great sleep!! I also use mine until I lose them. They say 45 days because they do soften and expand your nose less over time.” – Robin M.

“Great alternative to the breathe right strips. The strips would come off in the middle of the night, and because they were disposable I went through huge quantities. These reusable devices are great and fit comfortably in the nose for sleeping. I use them almost every night.” – Jon L.

“Comfortable, unlike similar products you hardly feel it and it definitely cuts waaaaay down on snoring and stays in all night. Many multiple uses from a single pair and comes with a handy little storage case so it won’t get lost” — Greg I.

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