3-Step Self-Help Philosophy

 In Awareness

To protect teeth from clenching and grinding is one thing–breaking a bad neuromuscular habit to control clenching and grinding is entirely another. Our SleepRight® dental guard is designed to protect your teeth while you learn to develop a new approach for managing your own health care.

We strongly suggest you begin wearing the SleepRight® dental guard 30-60 minutes before sleep. Keep your “lips together and teeth apart” while in your conscious state of mind, never allowing the teeth to bite down on the bitepads. This will increase your awareness of the habit to clench and grind your teeth. Conscious awareness of “lips together, teeth apart” is necessary for the brain to make the appropriate changes to relax while you sleep. The SleepRight® dental guard does not attach to the teeth. The soft strap and learning to control the muscles of the mouth will keep the appliance in place.

You must accept the responsibility to manage your own health care. The SleepRight® dental guard bitepads will establish the space that should exist naturally between your teeth when you are relaxed. Do not bite down on the bitepads…this is very important, although the urge to do so will test your concentration. Finding evidence of clenching and grinding on the bitepads show your efforts to concentrate on “lips together, teeth apart” must be raised to a higher level.

Behavior Modification
The brain does not distinguish between good and bad learning, it just learns. You must repeat the desirable model, “lips together, teeth apart”, until it is a healthy habit, no longer needing your conscious supervision. Your ultimate goal is to eliminate the dependency on a night guard as soon as possible. Everyone’s learning curve is different, so be patient.

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