What to Look for in a Dental Guard

Bruxism, or nighttime teeth grinding, can cause long-term problems for your teeth — and beyond. If you’re concerned about your dental health, a dental guard is often a great choice to help protect your teeth and promote oral and jaw health. But how do you choose the right one? There are several factors to consider, so let’s talk about the top four things to think about when looking for a quality dental guard.


A dental guard is only as good as its fit. You may think of boiling plastic and microwaveable dental guards when you think of over-the-counter options — and those aren’t going to be comfortable or fit you well. But you don’t have to commit to a custom dental guard from your dentist or a specialist in order to get a great fit.

Also be on the lookout for any dental guards that have clamps or clips, which can pinch or pull while you sleep. Quality dental guards offer a fit that’s comfortable, secure, and pain-free.


Some of the cheapest dental guard options you may have seen use cheap materials. You may find flimsy plastics, materials that deteriorate, or dental guards that have BPA, latex, or other potentially harmful chemicals.

A quality dental guard is made of safe, non-toxic materials that are designed to withstand the pressures of jaw clenching and teeth grinding. Look for dental guards that are both safe and durable.


One of the best ways to see how well a dental guard performs is to see what other people have said. Product reviews, testimonials, and user reviews can help you see how well a dental guard works.

When it comes to user reviews, it’s a good idea to remember that experiences vary as widely as people themselves do. You’ll never find something that is universally adored, but personal reviews give a great glimpse into how most people feel about one brand or product over another.


No dental guard will last forever, but some just aren’t meant to last at all. If you have a quality dental guard, however, it likely comes with a durability warranty that guarantees the product will hold up as expected.

When you choose a dental guard with a good warranty, you can rest easy knowing that it will protect your teeth and jaw from the effects of bruxism — and that you can quickly request a replacement if it doesn’t.

Choosing a quality dental guard doesn’t have to take months of research — and it definitely doesn’t have to break the bank. Consider your options, take a look at the reviews, and choose something that’s guaranteed to safely provide the protection you need.

If you’re looking for an over-the-counter option with auto-fit technology and a one-year durability warranty, visit www.sleepright.com to learn more.

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