Teeth Grinding Guard for Bruxism

Guard for Teeth Grinding and Clenching

Many people don’t know they are grinding their teeth unless a dentist notices tooth enamel wear, or the loud sounds of teeth grinding and clenching keep someone up at night. If you suffer from teeth grinding, you may experience weak but persistent headaches and jaw or tooth pain. Teeth grinding and clenching forces muscles to contract, which puts a stressful force on jaw joints and neck regions. If gone unchecked, this can cause occipital neck discomfort, shoulder aches, and even numbness or aches in the legs.While all people grind and clench from time-to-time, chronic teeth grinding and clenching at night can lead to costly dental work to repair and rebuild the teeth.The most common reasons for teeth grinding and clenching is an irregular bite or missing teeth. Other reasons for teeth grinding at night are anxiety and stress. While living a stress-free life would always be nice, it’s not always practical.

The SleepRight NO-BOIL Dental Guard helps protect teeth and dental work from the harmful effects of teeth grinding at night. Patented self-adjusting bite pads allow you to create a custom fit without having to boil water to fit and mold a custom dental guard.

– Prescribed by dental professionals
– Durable bite pad material
– No boiling water required to fit
– Designed by a specialist in dentistry
– Self-adjust technology fits all sizes
– BPA free, Latex free

If you suffer from Bruxism, check out SleepRight’s dental guards for your nightly teeth grinding and clenching habit.

Do you suffer from teeth grinding and clenching? Learn how SleepRight's dental night guard helps prevent teeth grinding and teeth clenching.
SleepRight Dental Guard teeth grinding testimonial.

“Works For Me!”

“I have suffered with teeth grinding for four years now, with little relief, until the SleepRight Dental Guard. I now have the ability to really relax my jaw muscles the way I need to. It made me aware that I was clenching my teeth. The pain in my jaw, head and neck, and the muscle spasms in my face, are gone. I don’t even wake up with headaches anymore.”
Rachel L., Phoenix, AZ

How It Works