SleepRight's memory foam side sleeper pillow for correct neck support.

Support your lower back while you sleep with SleepRight's lumbar support belt.

SleepRight Lumbar Support Belt

Side Sleeper Pillow - Orthopedic Memory Foam

There is no other pillow exactly like this. Only the SleepRight Side Sleeper Pillow
has the following three features that provide correct neck support
while lying on your side or back.

Full Facial Cradle

The side sleeper pillow is designed to reduce pressure on the jaw and
ear, helping to relax the facial area. Gently cradles the face, providing
comfort and support.

12-Degree Shoulder Cradle

Provides orthopedically correct support for the head and neck to
maintain ideal spinal alignment. The pillow for sider sleeper reduces body weight impact
on the shoulder, increasing blood flow to the arms. How SleepRight's memory foam side sleeper pillow works to support your head and neck.

Left & Right Air Paths

Memory foam pillow maximizes airflow to improve breathing and help reduce snoring.

Memory Foam

The SleepRight Side Sleeper Pillow is made from premium Visco-elastic memory foam. This pressure relieving material is sensitive to body temperature and weight. As you rest, the memory foam will softly conform to your contours by taking an impression of your anatomy. The memory foam will automatically adjust to your body temperature and weight as your body stabilizes in its resting place. When equalization between body weight and the elasticity of the memory foam is achieved, your spinal column will be ideally aligned. This greatly minimizes the unwanted side effects of pressure points, which is a benefit unavailable in regular cushions.

5-Year Replacement Warranty

We guarantee the SleepRight Side Sleeping Pillow to be made of the highest
quality memory foam available with a 5-year warranty. You may exchange your
pillow for a replacement within 5-years from the original purchase date.

To receive your replacement, simply send the pillow and
sales receipt via certified mail to:

Splintek, Inc.
Attn: Returns Processing
3325 Wyoming St.
Kansas City, MO 64111

Please allow three weeks to receive your replacement.

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All sales are final. The SleepRight memory foam pillow is non-returnable for a refund because it is a bedding product.

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Your pillow may feel firm if it has been exposed to cold or dry conditions. Likewise, it may feel soft if it has been exposed to high heat or humidity. Your pillow should adjust to the ambient conditions of your home within 24 hrs.

If you notice a slight odor on your pillow, this is normal, harmless, and will dissipate within 2 weeks after removing it from its packaging.

Do not allow your pillow to get wet. Protect your pillow with a pillowcase to avoid spilling liquid onto it. If your pillow gets wet, immediately use a dry rag to remove the moisture and let it air dry at room temperature. Your memory foam pillow does not require cleaning.

It is natural for the surface of slow recovery memory foam to feel tacky.

Do not expose your pillow to open flame. Do not smoke near, or while using your pillow. Foam is flammable. All new material consisting of polyurethane foam high resilience. Materials may be harmful if ingested.

If you are having problems adjusting to your SleepRight Side Sleeping Pillow, please feel free to call and speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives; Mon-Fri 8AM - 5PM CST.

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If you have purchased your SleepRight memory foam pillow from your healthcare provider, please return it to the place of purchase to receive your replacement.

What Others Are Saying

"I am an accomplished snorer when I sleep on my back waking me up with a desert mouth (which is too often) and since acquiring my SleepRight pillow going on one month, I have experienced virtually no snoring. My sleep is much improved. It would appear the ridge under the neck keeps the chin from sitting down on and restricting the airway when lying on my back. The firmness of the foam seems to be a critical factor preventing the head from sinking too deeply into the pillow."
L. Carten, Centennial, CO

"Since using the SleepRight side foam pillow, I wake up feeling refreshed. I love the fact that it molds to my head and neck, not leaving me with a stiff neck in the morning. Other pillows I've used always needed plumping; with the SleepRight pillow, I don't need to plump because the pillow retains its shape. I would recommend the SleepRight to everyone."
V. Krause, Sorrento, FL

"I've been hunting for the best side sleeper pillow with no luck until I found the SleepRight foam pillow because I have suffered with neck and shoulder problems for years. The SleepRight pillow aligns my head and neck properly and I wake up now without the neck and shoulder pain that I have had in the past. An added bonus is that I do not get the facials creases from sleeping with my face on a conventional pillow-thus, not as many wrinkles. This great product was an excellent investment!"
C. Brown, Camdenton, MO

"While exercising this morning, I started thinking of how long it has been since I have been awakened by a stiff neck, hurting teeth or even an aching ear! I suffered through at least six months of neck pain before accidentally running into this product. I cannot tell you my purchase date but I know I have been pain free since July. This pillow really gave me doubts when I first saw it, but now I wouldn't be without it! I have some friends I am trying to talk into purchasing this item. They are leery like I was but I will definitely send them this site."
P. Crowl, Fort Wayne, IN

"I can’t bear to sleep a night without my SleepRight memory foam pillow. I love it so much it travels with me wherever I go."
L. Luck, Oskalusa, KS

"The SleepRight pillow is the best pillow I’ve tried. I wouldn’t trade mine!"
E. Kiesau, DC, Williamsburg, IA

"I first tried the SleepRight side sleeping pillow, in the doctor's office. It does exactly what the picture on the package shows. My spine is as straight as a line …Comfort wise, it's the best pillow I've ever used. I sleep like a rock."
M. Heath, Fayetville, AR

"Thanks for the SleepRight Side Sleeping Pillow. It is so nice to wake up without a stiff neck in the mornings! It’s the best pillow I have ever tried!"
P. Heath, Kansas City, MO


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Buy SleepRight's memory foam side sleeper pillow at Relax The Back retail locations. Buy SleepRight's memory foam side sleeper pillow at Relax The Back retail locations.

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The SleepRight Side Sleeper Pillow is available in three thicknesses. Your height determines
which thickness is best for you. It comes standard with a machine washable, hypoallergenic, bamboo cover.

Standard memory foam pillows are 24” long and fit most standard pillowcases.


SMALL | For 5’ 4” and shorter

MEDIUM | For 5’ 5” and taller

LARGE | For 5’ 10” and taller

Choose a Size

Your SleepRight Side Sleeper Pillow includes a hypoallergenic, washable cover. You may purchase extras to have available.

Standard Pillowcase


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Travel memory foam pillows are 16” long, which make it more convenient to travel with, while receiving the same support as the standard pillows.


SMALL | For 5’ 4” and shorter

MEDIUM | For 5’ 5” and taller

Choose a Size

Your SleepRight Side Sleeper Pillow includes a hypoallergenic, washable cover. You may purchase extras to have available.

Travel Pillowcase


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