SleepRight Dental Guard a Mouth Guard for Sleep

If you are grinding your teeth, chances are you won’t know it because you’re sleeping while you are grinding. Common complaints from grinders are jaw pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and a dull persistent headache.

It’s important to go to a dentist regularly and if you are grinding at night your dentist will know and offer you a custom dental guard ranging from $300-$2,000 dollars. A custom mouth guard for grinding teeth is not only expensive it’s a process as well.

And this is why the SleepRight team went to work on creating an affordable mouth guard for sleep. The SleepRight Dental Guard is ready to use immediately out of the box, no boiling, mixing or molding required.

SleepRight Dental Guards are the #1 Dentist Recommended mouth guard for grinding teeth on the marketing today. Our teeth grinding mouth guard is also FDA cleared which means several dentist put our product to the test and it passed.

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