No boiling required to fit

Self-adjust technology
fits all sizes

Prevents teeth grinding and clenching

Mouth guard for sleep and designed by a specialist in dentistry

18-years of proven success

Free of BPA and Latex

Night Guard for Teeth

Typical dental guards require boiling water and biting into hot plastic for fitting. SleepRight does not.

With SleepRight's patented self-adjust dental night guard technology, you have two bitepads that comfortably fit between your upper and lower molars to re-establish your natural freeway space.

The bitepads have four positions, making it easy to customize the fit for all sizes. They adjust forward for a smaller fit and backward for a larger fit, as well as swivel to match the angle of all bites.

SleepRight exclusively features a flexible, heat sensitive band that is positioned between your lower lip, teeth and gums, and uses your body’s temperature to quickly adapt to each individual’s anatomy.

The SleepRight Dental Guard utilizes natural tissue retention between your lips, cheek, and tongue to be held in place. There are no clasps that attach to your teeth and you do not use your teeth to hold the appliance in place.

SleepRight dental night guards easily adjust to fit all sizes.

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Dura-Comfort dental guard from SleepRight for the most severe teeth grinders. The SleepRight Dental Guard is a night guard for teeth. Bitepads are more durable for severe teeth grinders.

Stability wings are more flexible, which offers less interference with the upper-side gum tissue.

Frontal band is more anatomically designed to provide a more comfortable fit against the bottom-front gum tissue.


Secure-Comfort dental guard from SleepRight offers better stability. Identical to the Slim-Comfort model, except it features stability wings on the upper-sides that help hold the night dental guard in place.


Slim-Comfort dental guard from SleepRight. Identical to the SleepRight Dental Guard Secure-Comfort model, except does NOT feature stability wings on the upper-sides.

Less material reduces gum interference (especially on the upper/side gum tissue.

An ideal night dental guard choice for someone with a very small mouth.


The SleepRight Select Dental Guard is our most affordable option. Most affordable option night dental guard is the SleepRight Select Dental Guard.

5 bitepad positions.

Less material reduces gum interference (especially on the upper/side gum tissue).

An ideal choice for someone with a very small mouth.

Self-Help Philosophy

Bruxism is a habit of unconsciously clenching and grinding your teeth. The SleepRight dental
guard protects your teeth from clenching and grinding, while the self-help philosophy teaches
you to break this neuromuscular habit.


The SleepRight dental guard is designed to restore the space that exists naturally between
your teeth when you are relaxed. By wearing the SleepRight dental guard 30 minutes before
sleep, you will become more aware of the daily clenching and grinding you do during your routines.


Take the initiative to break the habit of clenching and grinding by resisting the urge to bite
down on the bitepads. Relax your jaw, keep your lips together, and your teeth apart while
you are awake. Finding indentations on the bitepads from your teeth means you should make
more of an effort to concentrate on “lips together, teeth apart”.

Behavior Modification

To transition from clenching your teeth to relaxing your jaw while asleep, you must repeat the mantra "lips together, teeth apart"
while awake until it is a healthy habit that no longer needs your conscious attention. Everyone’s learning curve is different,
so please be patient.

Replacement Warranty

You may exchange the SleepRight dental guard up to two times for a replacement if you clench or grind through it within its warranty time period listed below.

Dura-Comfort - 1-year replacement warranty
Secure-Comfort - 1-year replacement warranty
Slim-Comfort - 1-year replacement warranty
Select - 3-month replacement warranty

To receive your replacement, simply mail the dental guard and dated sales receipt via certified mail to:

Splintek, Inc.
Attn: Exchange Processing
3325 Wyoming St.
Kansas City, MO 64111

Please allow up to three weeks to receive your replacement.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

You may return the SleepRight dental guard and sales receipt to the place of purchase for a refund for any reason within 30-days from the original purchase date.

If your product was purchased from Ebay, an auction, a classified, or a third party website, we will not accept it under Splintek’s money back guarantee or replacement warranty.

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If you have purchased a SleepRight Rx dental guard from your healthcare provider, please return it to the place of purchase to receive your refund or replacement. The SleepRight Rx comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and a 1-year replacement warranty.

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If you are having problems fitting or adjusting to your SleepRight dental guard, please feel free to call 1.888.792.0865 and speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives; Mon-Fri 8AM - 5PM CST, or email

To gain the most success with using your SleepRight dental guard, please read and follow our Self-Help Philosophy.

How does the SleepRight dental guard work?

The SleepRight dental guard provides a cushion between your teeth that will protect them from the teeth grinding action exerted by the jaw muscles. This muscle activity, known as teeth grinding and clenching, can cause chipping, fractures, and loosening of the teeth. The SleepRight dental guard spaces your teeth apart to decompress the jaw joints and helps them relax.

The SleepRight dental guard uses a natural process called tissue retention to stay in between your teeth. The bite pads rest on the back molars and are kept in place by your upper and lower jaw. The soft, heat-sensitive band lies between the bottom of your lower teeth and gums. There are no clasps or sharp corners that fasten to the teeth so there is no worry of pain.

How do I clean the SleepRight dental guard?

To clean your SleepRight dental guard, we recommend rinsing it with cool water or mouthwash. Then dry it thoroughly to prevent bacterial growth, and store in the provided case. Be careful not to store the dental guard around pets, because they have a tendency of chewing up the dental guard.

What is the SleepRight dental guard made of?

The SleepRight dental guard does not contain BPA, silicone, acrylic, or any harmful toxins, and will not leach any chemicals into your mouth. It is manufactured in an FDA inspected facility, and is not made with natrual rubber latex.

How do I know which SleepRight dental guard is best for me?

Splintek currently offers four SleepRight dental guard models, each with its own unique features that address various issues.

The Slim-Comfort® has the least amount of material out of our four night mouth guard models. It is recommended for adults with small mouths, sensitive gums, or those that are sensitive to things in their mouths. It is also ideal for daytime wear due to its low profile design.

The Secure-Comfort® is similar to the Slim-Comfort, except it features stability wings on both sides to grip the gums and help the dental guard stay in place. We generally recommend this model to our customers to address their clenching problems.

The Dura-Comfort®is our most advanced dental guard design, recommended for the aggressive grinders. The bite pads are more durable because they are engineered using a denser material and hold up better against grinding. The soft, heat-sensitive band is designed with a grooved strap that is wider than our other models. This helps the band stay in place and reduce pressure points that could be irritated by rubbing. The stability wings are more flexible so that they move with your mouth for increased comfort.

The Select is our most affordable dental guard option. It features 5 bite pad positions, and minimal material offers a non-bulky fit.

Each SleepRight dental guard model comes with a replacement warranty. We will gladly exchange one for another within its warranty time period.

How does the SleepRight dental guard differ from other guards on the market?

The SleepRight dental guard is a dental appliance similar to many other teeth grinding guards made in a dental office, without the high cost. Our product is user friendly because it is less bulky, easier to breathe and talk with, and you can even drink with it.

Our dental guard was developed and designed by a dentistry specialist after carefully studying hundreds of patients, and it has been modified and improved over time to include state of the art adjustment technology. Our unique design is the only product available on the market that offers you the option of multiple adjustments without cutting, boiling or messy mixes to customize the appliance.

In addition to our product, we also include a Self-Help Philosophy that is designed to help stop your teeth grinding habits. Our guide is a clinically proven way to help you learn to control and stop these habits.

Will the SleepRight work on young children?

The SleepRight dental guard is not recommended for children under 18 years of age. Because children are not as adept at behavior modification as adults, we don't want them to rely on our dental guards as a solution to their teeth grinding. Our ultimate goal is for our customers to stop their habit, and our dental guards are only a step in the right direction. If you are worried about your child's teeth grinding, we recommend that you seek advice from your dentist.

Can I wear the SleepRight dental guard all day?

Yes, but we suggest that you adhere to the recommendations printed in our instructional guide. We recommend that you not wear your dental guard for more than 12 hours in a 24 hour period because we don't want you to become dependent on the dental guard and forget the ultimate goal of stopping the bad habit. We also want you to have a break from the dental guard to give you the time to evaluate your progress. Our dental guard is a step in curing your teeth clenching and grinding, but it isn't meant to be the solution.

How long do I need to wear the SleepRight dental guard?

There is no set length of time that you should wear our dental guard. The average time is different for everyone, and it just depends on your learning curve and how fast you can make the transition. We have many customers who were successful in controlling their teeth grinding and clenching in just a few weeks while others went through a few dental guards before they were able to stop the habit.

We recommend that you put the SleepRight dental guard in 30-60 minutes before bed to help train your brain to stop grinding and clenching. The more often you do this, the faster your problem will be solved.

How long does the SleepRight dental guard last?

The SleepRight dental guard could last forever without the pressure and force exerted by a human jaw. However, depending on the rate that you clench or grind, we can't really determine how long our dental guards will last for you. But all our dental guards come with a durability warranty in case you grind through yours quickly.

Why does my jaw feel out of alignment after I take out the dental guard?

This feeling will be normal for any dental guard you use. It is regarded in the medical field as a 'soft tissue change' and is only temporary. Your bite should return to normal within 2-3 hours of removing the dental guard. If you have any concerns, please refer to your dentist for advice.

Why does my jaw hurt more than before using your dental guard?

It is normal to experience jaw fatigue and soreness initially. It comes from your natural tendency to bite down and will not go away immediately. The bite pads on our dental guards are designed to re-establish the natural space between your upper and lower jaw. This means that they will stretch your jaw muscles, which will cause some soreness. However, with continued use, your jaw muscles will relax and the pain will go away.

Will the SleepRight dental guard help my sleep apnea?

While the SleepRight dental guard was designed to protect teeth from clenching and grinding, those that grind are more likely to suffer from snoring and sleep apnea as well. Although there are special appliances that exist to pull the jaw forward, we have had a number of customers say that the SleepRight dental guard has helped them with their sleep apnea.

In addition to our dental guard, Splintek has also developed an orthopedic memory foam pillow called the SleepRight® Side Sleeping Pillow that works in conjunction with our dental guard. The pillow is designed to increase airflow and help you breathe better while sleeping at night, to help reduce snoring and sleep apnea.

Will the SleepRight dental guard help the popping sounds in my jaw?

There are many different kinds of sounds that come from the jaw. If your jaw popping or clicking is at an early stage, using the SleepRight dental guard will help heal your jaw joint and the sounds will go away. However, if your jaw is locking, it may mean that your jaw is internally damaged and a dental guard will not be able to help your muscles heal. However, the SleepRight dental guard can help protect your teeth and joints from further damage as you learn to train yourself not to grind or clench.

Will the SleepRight dental guard help my tongue thrusting habit?

The SleepRight dental guard will not directly help with your tongue thrusting habit, but it could aid in relieving your problem in conjunction with other therapies. We recommend that you consult your dentist or orthodontist on this issue.

What Others Are Saying

"I spent $600 for a fitted mouth guard 15 years ago. Recently, my jaw started bothering me again. I did not want to go through the expense of getting a custom fitted dental guard again. My jaw was really sore in the mornings and the ear fullness was bringing back my anxiety. I purchased the Sleepright dental guard and, have to admit, within a week my pain was going away and the ear fullness was clearing up as well. Only time it would get worse was when I forgot to wear my mouth guard; so, I try not to forget it anymore. I'm 55 and have had jaw pain for 30 years at least."
Lewis W., Quebec, Canada

"After 3+ years of jaw clenching I finally ran across your product. Thank Goodness! I have had tension headaches for 3 years and a sore neck and jaw that stay with me for most of the day. After trying your dental guard just once, I noticed a difference immediately. The dental night guard allowed my jaw to stay in a neutral position with my tongue forward all night long. As a result, I woke up this morning without jaw tension or a headache. I was beginning to think that life without tension headaches and muscle tension was an impossibility at this point. However, after finding your product I have to thank the genius people behind creating these dental night guards and making my life better! Thank you, thank you for this great product."
Katie W., Apple Valley, MN

"I am 53 and have been having a horrible time sleeping. I just started to snore and grind my teeth last year. This was causing me to be sleep deprived and wake up tired and sore, not to mention the headaches. I saw your product in the store and decided that $30.00 was worth trying it out before I went to a sleep study program (which is expensive). Your mouth night guard was easy to adjust and after about 15 minutes I was used to it and fell asleep. I woke up rested for the first time in years, no jaw pain, no headache pain. I feel great! No, I feel AMAZING. I just thought I was getting old and tired, but that wasn't the case. I should have used this sooner!!! Thank you so much. You have made a drastic change in my life. I now have energy and a brightness that I haven't had or felt in a long, long time. Again, thank YOU!!!"
Desiree H.

"I have tried all three dental guards. I am very very happy with them. I still don't know which model I prefer. That will take a little time to experiment. All three are comfortable and when I wake up, they are still in my mouth. I had a dentist make a dental grinding guard. It was a silicone guard for the lower front teeth. It was uncomfortable and I would wake up with it on the floor or in the sheets. When I see my dentist, I'm going to take my SleepRight dental guards and strongly recommend that he buy one and try it. When he does, I know that he will start prescribing it for his patients. The guards are a great product and we suffering dental patients have needed it for years. I'm just lucky that I found it. Why did my dentist not know about these products?
Mike B., Huntsville, AL

“Your product delivers ‘as advertised’ – my headaches have disappeared and I am much more relaxed and back to my ‘old self’. Thank you. Your service is spectacular too!”
J. Kriz, Little Rock, AR

“I just wanted to e-mail you and thank you for your wonderful product. I ordered a SleepRight dental guard from your company a couple of months ago. I have had a problem with clenching my teeth at night for several years and this is the first dental night guard I have ever owned that is actually comfortable to wear during the night. It is so wonderful when you actually find a product that works and your company has come through as promised. I am so pleased with my SleepRight dental guard and I wanted to email you and thank you. So thank you once again for your wonderful product. Since I have been wearing the SleepRight dental guard I have been getting much more restful night's sleep."
S. Tamborini

“Just wanted to let you know I received my dental night guard and I love it. I have arthritis in my jaw caused from TMJ and have suffered from jaw clenching for many years. The mouth pieces I have had to have made have cost me one thousand up to twenty-five hundred. However costly they might be as a sufferer you don’t have much choice. Anyhow, I am so glad I came across your product as it actually works and I will be recommending it to all the other people I know who suffer from TMJ. The best part of all this is your product does not cost me an arm and a leg. Thanks so much.”

“The SleepRight night grinding guard works great! I had to re-order because our dog ate the first one. :)”
J. Hass, Springfield, OR

“I saw your ad in Health magazine. Thank goodness! I have been looking for a dental night guard for my teeth grinding. I can't wait to try your product.”
T. Hohenstein, Destin, FL

“I saw your ad in Ladies Home Journal and the timing couldn't have been better. I have an appointment with an orthodontist two months from now. If your dental night guard works, I won't need it!!! Yeah.”
D. Harvill, Othello, WA

“I had a teeth grinding guard fit by my dentist and paid $500.00 for it. I hated the way it fit and never wore it. I am willing to give this a try. It looks great!”
J. Heart, FL

“I ordered your teeth grinding night guard last week and it arrived yesterday. My son slept well with it last night, so I am ordering one for me. We have tried the ones that you purchase from the dentist for $350 and neither of us can stand to wear them. What a waste of money...I have done extensive damage to my teeth and really wish I would have had something like this when I was growing up. Hopefully I can prevent the same thing from happening to my son. Thanks.”
A. Beck, Fernandina Beach, FL

“I have ordered your SleepRight dental night guard from a mail-order catalog (Feel Good Catalog) in the past, but they do not carry the smaller version, which I want to try. I love your product! It has helped me tremendously. Thank you!”
F. Krzewina, Wausaukee, WI

“Thank goodness! I spent $900 on a rigid splint for my TMJ disorder only to have my teeth grow out of it once I had two wisdom teeth pulled. I was not about to spend another $900, and I almost went and got a sports mouth guard. Thank you for offering a relatively cheap night guard for my aching jaw!”
E. Moellering, Davenport, IA

“It is such a relief not to wake up in the morning in pain. I received my SleepRight dental guard for clenching on Friday night and already, by Monday, I have incredible relief from jaw pain and tension. I don't think I realized how much pain I was in until it was gone. And I have had virtually no difficulty adjusting to sleeping with it. It is remarkably comfortable. Thank you for such a great product. You have not only saved me a thousand dollars or so but you have also taken a tremendous amount of pain out of my life.”
K. Eaton

“After only a couple of weeks of using the SleepRight dental guard I found that the early morning jaw stress which I’ve had for years was relieved – no soreness, pain or headaches.”
R. Hill

“I’ve been using your SleepRight teeth night guard for about a month now and I’m amazed at the difference it has made in my facial pain and headaches. I think the design is great!”
B. Snedeker, Washington, MI

“The SleepRight grinding guard for teeth has helped in the prevention of grinding my teeth when I am sleeping, as well as reducing TMJ headaches.”
F. Copper, Cincinnati, OH

“I noticed within one week of using the SleepRight dental guard that I no longer had headaches upon rising and definitely feel that I benefited from the use of your great product! I would not hesitate recommending the SleepRight dental guard to anyone who has a problem with jaw pain and headaches upon rising.”
D. Dewey, Newport News, VA

“I have been extremely impressed by the service I have received from Splintek. There is considerable doubt and suspicion when dealing with a company in another country (I am in Australia) but I have had exceptional service and advice from all contacts that I have had with your company. We have also been very happy with the SleepRight dental night guard, as it has proved to be very successful. It was causing our 13 year son great embarrassment to be teeth grinding and the only solution we could find was a very expensive, specially designed mouth guard (which was to cost nearly $1000Aus). Initially, he found the dental guard uncomfortable, but it was far more successful when he wore it for half an hour before going to bed as is recommended in your instructions. Now he is vigilantly wearing it nightly.”
M. Kemp, Australia

“I just spent $300.00 for daytime and night time dental devices to keep me from grinding my teeth. I have a bridge in front and the putting on and taking off has loosened that. Plus, I cannot wear the night one. My jaws actually quiver and I cannot close my mouth. I wish I had seen the SleepRight grinding guard for teeth before I had those made. Are these available in Denver, Colorado? I have a dental appointment on January 27th and I will tell my dentist about this guard. Your design makes better sense to me. Thanks so much.”
L. Elaine Neal, Denver, CO

“After suffering since May of 2003 with clenching which caused awful jaw, gum and facial pain and soreness, I had about given up on relief. It wasn't as though I had not tried to help myself: I tried two types of dental guards my dentist made, both of which made me worse. I also had tried several devices I'd ordered that I'd seen in catalogs and they were a waste of money. So, you can imagine I was skeptical when my husband saw the ad for your product and showed it to me. But I was convinced I had to try a final time, and I'm glad I did. Within a few days, the difference was amazing. Instead of waking up in terrible pain each morning, I was waking up without shooting pains or aching in my face, jaw, and gums. Most nights I only have to wear it about 4-6 hours and then I can remove it and sleep normally the rest of the night; I awaken without pain or with little jaw or facial fatigue, and feel fine or else what is there in way of pain goes away fast after awaking. My facial muscles are not sore all the time."
M. Rumph, Dumfries, VA

“Hello - I just wanted to write you a short note to say I'm so thankful I found your website and ordered one of your dental guards. I had been wearing a mouth "appliance" at night for my TMJ problem that was custom made for me by my dentist several years ago. However, last summer when my husband and I were on vacation, it somehow got misplaced and I returned home without it - never to be found again. I was a bit anxious about sleeping without wearing one because I knew the pain I would eventually be in. Before going to the dentist, I decided to look up information about TMJ on the internet and came across your Web site. I ordered the "Low-Profile SleepRight dental guard" and have been wearing it ever since and I love it. At first I was a bit leery about how it could possibly work when it wasn't custom fit for my mouth but, since you have a guarantee and the price was way less then getting one from the TMJ specialist, I decided to take the chance. I was very much surprised about how great it fits my mouth and how comfortable it feels. The best part is that it works to prevent me from having pain and fractured teeth! Thanks so much.”
Grateful Customer Lynda A. Hayes Katz, St. Paul, MN

“I just wanted to tell you that I received my dental grinding guard yesterday in the mail, and that I am very pleased with it. Your directions were clear and easy to follow, and the dental guard is very comfortable. I was very dissatisfied with a dental guard purchased at a drug store and had returned it. So I was a little hesitant to try yours when a friend showed me your ad in Prevention magazine. I am very happy that I did, and for much less money than a fitted dental guard from my dentist. Thank you for a great product.”
M. Lacroix, Chicago, IL

“I just wanted to thank you for the excellent customer service you and your colleagues provided and I wanted to tell you that I could not be happier with your product! It is working fabulously for me (my other half is really happy as well-he finally gets a good night's sleep). Without sounding too corny-it really has changed my life. I finally get a good night ’s sleep and wake up refreshed without any aches and pain.”
M. Hauman, United Kingdom

“I have suffered from TMJ problems for years. I have worn many different splints during those years, some more affective than others. I have not had a splint as comfortable as the SleepRight Rx or the Low-Profile SleepRight Rx. I wear the SleepRight dental guard at night and notice a difference every morning. I have the Low- Profile SleepRight which I wear during the day on occasion. Under high stress, it’s advantageous for me to be able to pop in the SleepRight, if I begin clenching my teeth. The SleepRight helps my mucles relax, and helps me get back to the tasks at hand.”
K. Anderson, Missouri

“I keep the SleepRight dental guard in my pocket at work and when I start feeling tense I put the splint in. The tension, stress and headaches I used to get, are gone. I take my SleepRight with me on long trips also. I drive from Kansas City, Missouri to St. Louis, Missouri nearly every weekend, I wear my SleepRight during the trip because it eliminates the migraines I used to get.”
R. Bratcher, Missouri

“Having had headaches due to TMJ, I was fitted with a hard splint about two years ago. Although the hard splint helped relieve the headaches initially, it did not help long term. In May, I was introduced to the SleepRight dental guard and started wearing it almost everyday and every night. My headaches have almost completely diminished, and on the rare occasion that I get one, the severity is greatly reduced. I would recommend SleepRight to anyone!”
V. Davis, Texas

“I’m a cosmetologist and I’m on my feet for many hours a day. I would come home from work with upper back pain and tense jaws, so I tried the SleepRight dental guard and it helped me with my jaw pain. I use the SleepRight dental guard at work and also at night to ease my teeth grinding. I used to wake up everyday with a headache, so I started using SleepRight and now I don’t go to sleep without it. I get a better night's rest. I feel great in the morning. Thank you.”
Shelly Martinez, Missouri

“I have suffered with TMD for four years now, with little relief, until the SleepRight dental night guard. I now have the ability to really relax my muscles the way I need to. It made me aware of the clenching. The pain in my jaw, head and neck, and the muscle spasms in my face, are gone. I don’t even have to wear it all the time.”
R. McCann, Missouri

“I wish I had this dental guard 20 years ago! I actually talked to my dentist about putting a "spacer", something that would open my mouth a bit to help relieve my clenching, sort of relax my jaw, and he brushed off the idea…said it would throw my bite off (as if I wasn't already having "bite" problems) etc. Well after the first night I knew this was it! Keeping my mouth slightly open is fixing the problem! I've used the SleepRight three nights and am a new person! It is definitely life-changing. The only problem I'm having is that because of 20+ years of clenching and using a regular dental splint, I've developed bony protrusions on my lower jaw, below the molars and they have become irritated by the dental guard. I went to my old guard, the 3rd Dental, to give the area a rest and back to my SleepRight last night. I'm hoping over time that area will become less sensitive. (the gums are very sore)...the trade-off for a relaxed jaw and facial muscles is worth it. Many years of treatment...medication, behavior modification...over! Can't wait to take my SleepRight in and show my dentist! Thanks a million!”
Elizabeth Marcus, Charlottesville, VA

“Two years ago, my dentist suggested I wear a mouth piece because I was grinding my teeth away at night and because my teeth were already pointy. I wore the mouth guard for a week or two and even though it was customized to go over my teeth perfectly, I started getting a lot of pain in my jaw. I would wake up (after I wore my mouth piece to sleep) and my jaw would click and dislocate. Well, last summer was the last straw because my mouth dislocated so much that when I ate something that morning, my jaw was so badly sprained I could barely open my mouth. Many people told me "you need to go to an orthodontist to get a splint." First of all, I don't have health insurance and that would cost thousands of dollars that I do not have. When I found your ad in Women's Day there was something in my head that said "check this out it might help", oh thank god I did. I have had my teeth grinding guard for 2 weeks now, I do get an occasional click in my jaw but nothing like the clicks and dislocation I used to get. I have even in my sleep noticed if my jaw or my teeth are trying to be together instead of far apart. I am just so grateful, and even though at first I thought the price was ridiculous, I would gladly pay it again. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am most appreciative and happy that I don't have a fear of eating food because of my jaw problems.”
Cora C., New York

“After three root canal procedures and five crowns on my molars, I was pretty desperate to find a mouth guard that would work for me. My dentist was not sure that any appliance would work after all the damage that had already been done. You see, I am a lifelong grinder, and, no, I didn't outgrow it. I had envisioned something that would fit between the molars, but all I could find was the sports type that just never fit right. My chiropractor saw your splint in a supply catalog, and after some discussion, ordered one for me. We ordered a standard guard although I have a small mouth. I have used three guards in three years. I love the fact that they stay in place with no effort, you can talk while wearing it, and you can have a drink of water without removing it. The one time I had a problem with the appliance, it was replaced quickly and with no questions. The guard itself convinced my dentist that it was doing the job. After I started using it, the wear on my front teeth stopped. (The molars were pretty much already history.) He started ordering them for other patients. Thanks for supplying them retail now.”

“Thank you for the confirmation -- received the SleepRight dental night guard appliance by Tuesday, May 25! Wow! Efficient service you provide! The appliance is WONDERFUL! Much, much less invasive than the traditional dental guard. I will pass along information on your company to my Kaiser dentist so he can offer it to other patients. Glad I saw your ad in "Prevention" magazine! Thank you again for a wonderful product.”
D. Kahl, Portland, OR

“Wow! I just wanted to say this is great! I have been using mine for almost a week now and I have noticed a significant difference in the way my jaw feels. I noticed a difference after wearing it the first 5 hours! What a wonderful, inexpensive way to get relief from grinding teeth from everyday stress!”
J. Tennant, Phoenix, AZ

“I thought all my options had been tried. I've used everything from a custom dental appliance to football mouthpieces to try to keep from damaging my teeth at night. The week before ordering the SleepRight dental guard I chipped a tooth and my physician's assistant told me that my jaw was getting worse. I decided to check one last time to see what was available. And there you were. The SleepRight is comfortable to wear and does not interfere with my breathing. Great product and great results.”
L. Brand, Panhandle, TX

“About seventeen years ago, a dentist I was seeing at the time, first told me that my teeth were starting to show significant signs of wear do to bruxism (grinding). He had a dental guard made for me and encouraged me to use it every night. I did use the guard off and on over the years but not as much as I should have. About three years ago my current dentist told me much of my dental work was breaking down because of my grinding. I told him I was wearing a dental guard most every night. He said my problem was a 24/7 problem. I was very surprised that as I had always thought that I only ground my teeth at night. My dentist told me to be more aware/conscious of my dental activity during the hours I am awake. My son, Geoff, started working for your company a few months ago. He told me about your SleepRight dental grinding guard. He asked me if I would be interested in trying one. I said I would. He sent me one and I’ve been using it since Dec 2003. Before I ever started using your dental guard, I discovered your “Lips Together/Teeth Apart” statement that comes in the guard-shipping package. I know that that statement has helped me become more aware of my daytime dental activity. The statement is now engrained in my mind so when I’m awake it definitely helps me to keep my teeth from grinding together. As for the actual usage of the dental guard I have discovered that using it during times that I am stressed and unable to focus on “Lips Together/Teeth Apart” is one of the best times to use it. Using it during these times has helped me relax and I know when I relax I don’t grind. I thank you for letting me try your product. I am also thankful for the new consciousness you have given me because of your “Lips Together/Teeth Apart” statement. As a result of your product and statement I’ve told other people I know about them and how they have helped me. Thank you again.”
R. Miller, Fairfield, CA

"Just wanted to drop a note and let you guys know that the dental night guard is a great product. Before using SleepRight, I bought a mouth guard from my dentist for $350. It broke after 2 months and I had to pay again for the replacement. When the replacement broke again, I decided to try SleepRight. Not only is your mouthguard easier to use and easier to get used to, it is much less expensive. I’m completely satisfied and have been recommending your product to all my friends/family/co-workers! Need a sales rep?"
Arleen L. Law

“Before using SleepRight's teeth grinding guard, I was having severe headaches for hours. Now I’m getting much needed relief and having fewer headaches.”
Jill S. – TX

"I purchased a Low-Profile SleepRight splint. It is so much better than my custom made one from my dentist. It actually provides training for your jaw. I noticed a significant improvement after the first night. Thank you."
Kim Cridelich, Oregon, WI

“I tried a different product, and as a result of my serious teeth grinding, my jaw began give me a ton of pain, and began to dislocate during the day. Needless to say this other product did not help. Desperate for pain relief, I went back to your website and saw that a new, more durable dental guard was available to purchase, and I did. Since that time I have had absolutely no pain in my jaw, it has realigned, and I have not made one mark in the new plastic material. Even I cannot chew through this one. Just wanted to say thanx, from a very satisfied customer.”

“I have been using the dental guard for about a month – what a difference! Thank you.”
L. Pomerleau, Dracut , MA


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