Product Review from the UK

I recently stumbled across this review from someone in the UK. I know it’s kind of dated but she brings up some good issues to address.

Her review is here:

She says the following, “…after a week or so of wearing the splint I began to find that the band was irritating my lower gum and my boyfriend relayed that he saw me take the guard out during sleep. I cannot be sure whether this was due to my lack of ability in fitting the guard properly or whether it was simply repeated wear that had led to the raw feeling, however, I began wearing the guard less and less.”

For instances where gum irritation may occur because of the thermal band, we usually recommend creating a barrier between your gums and the band using oral agents like Anbesol or Carmex.

It could also be that some people have especially small mouths and the Dura-Comfort and Secure-Comfort aren’t going to fit properly. For those people we usually recommend the Slim-Comfort in the green box:

We also recommend wearing the product for a few nights just to get accustomed to it. That may be hard advice to follow, but there’s always an adjustment period regarding personal products.