New Year, Stop the Grind

It’s that time of year: taking stock of the past twelve months, looking forward to a fresh start, and thinking about what you want to do differently. Whether you like to commit to new year’s resolutions or just like the idea of a clean slate, it’s a great opportunity to put your best foot forward Read more

How to Limit Holiday Stress

’Tis the season for eggnog, sugar cookies, and stressful family gatherings. The holidays can bring great joy, but they can also create worry and stress as you scramble to keep up with activities, gifts, and a diet of rich foods and cocktails. Holiday stress can lead to bruxism, or nighttime teeth grinding, or can exacerbate Read more

Truths & Myths: Bruxism

Many people think of bruxism as being a condition that’s strictly related to teeth. But that’s only part of the picture. While the damage caused by bruxism may be easiest to first notice on your teeth, it can cause problems throughout your mouth and even in your head and neck. When people hear “teeth grinding,” Read more

Identifying Bruxism: 6 Signs to Look For

Bruxism affects millions, but you may not have even realized it’s happening. Because that teeth-grinding happens at night during sleep, it can be difficult to identify that it’s going on. If you’re trying to identify bruxism (either for yourself or if you suspect a loved one is dealing with it), there are several symptoms you Read more

Hold the Starbucks! How that Grande Can Cause Teeth Grinding

Americans love their morning cup of Joe, but the habit could be damaging their teeth. Sixty-four percent of Americans age 18 or over said they enjoyed a cup of coffee the previous day in 2018, according to a survey commissioned by the National Coffee Association. Indeed, Americans collectively drink more coffee than anyone on the Read more

Protect Yourself from Thanksgiving Stress

Holidays can be stressful, and Thanksgiving is no exception. It’s supposed to be a day to feel grateful for your blessings, but cooking the perfect turkey, traveling with the kids, hosting the family dinner — all of it can stress even the calmest soul. And as you know, stress can cause you to grinding your Read more

Fighting Bruxism Naturally

Bruxism is a big problem that can cause a lot of damage to your teeth and your quality of sleep. Nearly one in three people — from children to adults — suffers from teeth grinding, and almost 10% of those grind so severely that it reduces their teeth to nubs. According to research, clenching, grinding Read more

Does Your Child Have a Scary Habit?

Halloween is the time of year when all things creepy, crawly and scary take center stage for one night. Some kids like to be scared and others … well, they just want candy. But after the trick-or-treating winds down, porch lights have been shut off and little goblins have gone to sleep, you may find Read more

Eat Right, Sleep Right

When you’re not sleeping well, it affects your mental, physical and emotional health. Teeth grinding, or bruxism, can keep you up at night but eating the right diet can help you reduce stress and get a better night’s sleep. In fact, nutrients such as vitamin B6, calcium and foods high on the glycemic index can Read more

Which Dental Guard Is Best for You?

If you’re suffering from bruxism or teeth grinding, wearing a dental guard at night can help protect your teeth from damage. An effective mouth guard should fit well, be comfortable, durable, easy to clean, and should not restrict your breathing or speech. You should also look for one that is BPA- and latex-free. But with Read more

The Dark Side of Grinding

Bruxism, or teeth grinding, can be your worst nightmare. It can cause some scary short- and long-term effects, including headaches, jaw pain, problems chewing, a misshapen face and loose teeth. According to research, when you grind your teeth while sleeping, it puts 10 times more pressure on them than while you’re eating. And that has Read more

What’s a Smile Really Worth?

A big, beautiful smile can take you far in your day-to-day activities and can even change your life. You can flash a smile and change the entire mood of a room. A big confident smile can help you land that dream job. A smile from you can give your child confidence and let him know Read more

Can Botox Cure Bruxism?

A small study suggests that botox can erase bruxism as well as wrinkles. Millions of people grind and clench their teeth during sleep and suffer symptoms, which include jaw pain, headaches and damaged teeth. Researchers at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston found that shots of Botox into an individual’s chewing muscles in the cheek Read more

You Need a Dental Guard, but How Do You Choose?

If you’re aware that you grind your teeth, you probably also know that a dental guard from bruxism can help protect your teeth and reduce grinding. And you might even wear one. Whether you’re new to wearing a dental guard or ready to buy your 25th one, there are several factors to consider when choosing Read more