Bisphenol A Exposure from Plastic Mouth Guards

“Bisphenol A has been most highly publicized for it’s presence in clear and colored transparent polycarbonate plastic, because of the popularity of using this plastic for water bottles. Bisphenol A leaches from polycarbonate as the plastic ages. The rate of degradation depends on how the plastic is used. If exposed to acid or alkaline solutions, Read more

eHow Article on Teeth Grinding

“Tooth grinding causes many dental problems if you’re part of the 25 percent of the population that experiences it. Most people with bruxism (tooth gnashing) don’t exhibit any immediate symptoms but show wear on their teeth and gum line that indicates the problem. Only 5 percent display painful symptoms, which vary from extreme headaches to Read more

Teeth grinders get some help

By: Chris Woolston Oct. 19th, 2009,0,6757223.story Sure, snorers can be loud. But for really cringe-worthy nighttime noise, it’s hard to beat a dedicated grinder. With jaw muscles clenched tight — perhaps because of stress or misaligned teeth — a grinder can create a crunching sound reminiscent of two icebergs passing in the night. Some Read more

Check out the SleepRight box on GMA this morning!

“Recession stress is apparently taking a big toll on the nation’s teeth. Medical experts say the number of people who grind their teeth in their sleep has risen sharply since the downturn began.” Read more here: