Eat Right, Sleep Right

When you’re not sleeping well, it affects your mental, physical and emotional health. Teeth grinding, or bruxism, can keep you up at night but eating the right diet can help you reduce stress and get a better night’s sleep. In fact, nutrients such as vitamin B6, calcium and foods high on the glycemic index can Read more

Which Dental Guard Is Best for You?

If you’re suffering from bruxism or teeth grinding, wearing a dental guard at night can help protect your teeth from damage. An effective mouth guard should fit well, be comfortable, durable, easy to clean, and should not restrict your breathing or speech. You should also look for one that is BPA- and latex-free. But with Read more

The Dark Side of Grinding

Bruxism, or teeth grinding, can be your worst nightmare. It can cause some scary short- and long-term effects, including headaches, jaw pain, problems chewing, a misshapen face and loose teeth. According to research, when you grind your teeth while sleeping, it puts 10 times more pressure on them than while you’re eating. And that has Read more

What’s a Smile Really Worth?

A big, beautiful smile can take you far in your day-to-day activities and can even change your life. You can flash a smile and change the entire mood of a room. A big confident smile can help you land that dream job. A smile from you can give your child confidence and let him know Read more

Can Botox Cure Bruxism?

A small study suggests that botox can erase bruxism as well as wrinkles. Millions of people grind and clench their teeth during sleep and suffer symptoms, which include jaw pain, headaches and damaged teeth. Researchers at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston found that shots of Botox into an individual’s chewing muscles in the cheek Read more

You Need a Dental Guard, but How Do You Choose?

If you’re aware that you grind your teeth, you probably also know that a dental guard from bruxism can help protect your teeth and reduce grinding. And you might even wear one. Whether you’re new to wearing a dental guard or ready to buy your 25th one, there are several factors to consider when choosing Read more

Don’t Let Your Sleep Suffer from the Season Change

Fall is at our doorstep, and with it comes cooler nights, shorter days and less sunlight. Season, weather and temperature changes can affect your sleep, and not usually for the better. Here are some things to know to help you sleep better at night this fall: Cooler air helps you sleep better. Temperature is important when Read more

Custom-Fit vs. Over-the Counter Dental Guards: Pros & Cons

If your dentist recommends a dental guard, you have a decision to make: Do you spend hundreds on a custom-fit guard, or do you save some money and time and choose an over-the-counter dental guard? Custom-fit dental guards can only be made and sold by your dentist. If you need one, you’ll need to schedule Read more

Grinding & TMJD Aren’t Related

Jaw pain is often a symptom of teeth grinding and of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders, but making a direct connection between grinding and TMJ problems is sketchy at best. According to the Mayo Clinic, the precise cause of an individual’s TMJ disorder is difficult to determine, even for doctors. The TMJ connects your jawbone to Read more

Beat Back-to-School Stress

Back-to-school time can be stressful for the entire family. Between the stress of shopping and sign-ups, coupled with trying to transition kids from their summer schedule back into the structure of a school day, your sleep and sanity may suffer. As your family moves into back-to-school mode, there are many stressors that can serve as Read more

Don’t Drink & Grind

If you drink several times a week or even just a glass of wine or two before bed, you might want to rethink that habit. While imbibing on a regular basis can expand your waistline and that glass of red wine can stain your teeth, doing either can cause far greater harm to your overall Read more

Teeth Grinding: The Long and Short of It

Are you ignoring tell-tale signs that you are grinding your teeth at night? If you experience the symptoms of bruxism on an all-too-regular basis, then you need to seek your dentist’s help. When people ignore the initial signs of teeth grinding, it is almost certain that they will lead to bigger, more damaging effects. The Read more

Anxiety & Bruxism … Why Are They Connected?

Bruxism – grinding and clenching teeth – is more common in people with depression and anxiety disorders, but does anxiety actually cause this problem? Doctors admit that they don’t really know. The medical community isn’t certain what comes first, anxiety or grinding and clenching teeth. The truth is, doctors don’t really know why some people Read more

Are Sleep Apnea & Teeth Grinding Connected?

If you’re waking up with tired, sore jaw muscles or sensitive teeth, you might be grinding your teeth all through the night. And there may be more to it — according to The National Sleep Foundation, one of the biggest risk factors for teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, is a condition called obstructive sleep Read more